One Question away from owning your dream space?

Over the last 23 years we have sold more than 450 apartments and villas in nizamabad to practically every segment of our society. The interactions we have had with members of the attal group have enriched us with tremendous knowledge and we have been incorporating these learnings into all our current and future projects. We have distilled the questions asked most frequently by property buyers and are now presenting them to you in a structured format so that you get a complete overview of your new property, much before you buy it.
Should you have any additional queries or seek clarifications on some of these responses please do get in touch with us at our head Office. We will be happy to answer them and subsequently welcome you to the 2200+ growing attal family.

What is Attal Group ?

Attal Group is one of the most experienced and well known housing companies the Premium Real Estate market place.

Who are the Promoters are the Attal Group?

Attal Group been promoted by mr.Sathish Attal, Pranay Attal & Prateek Attal the tro are qualified and experienced Builders and Developers.

How many Projects have been completed by Attal Projects?

As on 2014, Attal has Completed more than 09 Residential Projects across the city of Nizamabad in just 15 years And 06 currently in the Progress.

What are the Plus Points of the Attal?

* Excellent Reputation 
* Superb Construction
* Modern Facilities and features
* Litigation Free Property
* Timely Delivery
* Strong core values

What are the Feature Plans of the Attal Group?

Attal Group presently developing more than 200 Apartments in the city of Nizamabad. In addition Malls Multiplexes,etc are also on the anvil.

What is the process of booking the Apartment at Attal Group?

Two Simple steps are enough to own Attal Apartments
  step1: Please decide and arrive the specific Apartment of your choice and fill in the Appliction
Form provided along with Brochure of you can organize to collect the Application Form directly from
our office or you can download the Application Form from our Website. Once you fill up the Application
Form in all respects kindly come over to our office and meet us We will guide your Features.
   step2:   You need to pay a minimum Booking amount of 2,00,000/-(Rupees Two lakhs only) for booking
an Apartment.through Cheque/DD/Cash along with fully completed Aplication Form.

When do I get a confirmed Allotment?

Once we recieve to pay 20% of  the overall cost of the Apartment with in 15 days from the date of Booking after which a Formal Letter of Allotment will be issued to you.

When do I pay balance 60% amoount and what intervals?

The balance amount of 60% shoould be paid in a maxium of 5 installments. The 5 payments are linked to the progress of Constuction as mentioned below:

 Can corporate bodies use residential properties as office space?


It is illegal to put residential properties to commercial use. However service-based industries are allowed to operate from residential areas, on the condition that they will vacate the property if any complaint is received from other residential owners.

Who is responsible for Payments?

It will be the Customer's responibilty to comply with the Housing Finance/Banks norms and ensure timely Disbusement to us.It is total responsibilty of the buyer to make payments as per the agreement with builder.

What is responsibilty for disbursement of instalments through I housing finance/banks?


It is the Purcaser's responsibility to ensure timely payment of Instalmensts from Banks and no formal/informal demand will be made by us to the Banks for the payment of instalments. To facilitate smooth payments, customers are required to issue a formal consent letter. Once we recieve the Housing finance/Banks payment we will return the PDCs for instalments paid earlier.Payments relating to all extra works shpuld be made before taking the pessession of the flat.

In addition to apartment costs will have to pay?


  1)Electrical Meter connection charges.
  2)registration Charges.
  4)Corpus fund relating maintenance of building.
  5)Extra Works of the works changed irrespective of specifications in the brocher.

What is Corpus fund?

Corpus fund is the fund which shall be deposited with the builder on behalf of the association to be formed.The corpus fund will be handed over to the building association after deduction of the maintainence of the period of first apartment hand-over till formation of the assocition.

What happens if I cancel my apartment booking?


if for whatever reason you decide to cancel the booking then 10% of the apid-up amounts as on that date will be forfeited towards Apartments can cellarion charges and the balance will be refund with in 90 days.

Is there a differential pricing based on floors or orentation of the Apartments?


No,there is no differential pricing based on floors or orientation of the apartmensts. However on the 5th Floor Slash,we will be laying.water proof flooring on the floor of the roof to reduce the temperature to an extent of 8 to 10 degrees and false ceiling option is also provided on this floor.

Are any modifications permitted in the apartments?

Abundant Knowlede of customer preferences and awarenes of latest trends regarding products have enabled us select and choose best specifactions and design for yor apartmensts. Hence we regret to inform you that we do not permit any modification to the apartments.

Can two Apartmensts be purchased and combined into Single Apartment?

Yes,combining of two Apartments into a duplex apartment is poosible on any two consecutive floors,but it is dependent on the we cant position of the below or above Apartmensts.And shall be decide before laying of that particular slabs.

When did the project likely to completed?

The Project time for the completion of this projects is 18months+ a grace period of 6 months, from the date of start of the project.

When can I start my Carpentry Work/Wood Work/False Ceiling/POP Work in any Apartments?

Carpentry Works/Wood Works/False Ceiling/POP Work in your Apartment can be started only after paying Full Payments of the Apartments and on Obtaning a formal NOC(No Objection Certificate)from us.

What about Car Parking space for Apartments?

Only one car Parking space can be provided for every Apartments.

Whom should be contact for Home Loans?

we have got our own Housing Loan Advisor Mr.Pravithran who will help your queries/formalities regarding Home.Loans,You can get in touch with Mr.Pravithran On Mobile No 9396790587.

Who Will Take Care of the maintenance of the Apartments?

After the completion of the blilding the builder will maintain the apartments for a span of 6 months.The first date of 6 months will be date from when the purchaser occupies the apartment, Only aftetr 6 months a residents Association formed. The expenses incured during 6 months period will be charged from Maintenance. Deposite and the balance amount from the Maintenance Deposit Corpus fund will handed over to the regular Association.

What Should i do if I have more Questions or need Clarifications?

You can meet us at our office at the address listed below.
#6-2-332, Subash Nagar, Nizamabad-503001,Telangana State
Ph: 1800-123-5256.
Or you can e-mail us at info@attalgroup.com